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  • 20 Сәуір, 2022

Rich countries should help the poor

Better commerce, health care, and education are essential to a country's progress, especially for those with a lower standard of living. There are many who believe that governments in wealthier nations should do more to help poorer nations. According to me, wealthier nations' assistance is essential to alleviate poverty in developing countries.

The degree to which a country's government invests in infrastructure like trade, health care, and education is a primary indicator of whether or not it is considered a developing or industrialised nation. Most of the world's poorer countries are indebted because their personalities are out of whack, manifesting themselves in subpar health care, disorganised education systems, and lacklustre overseas commerce. Unless wealthy nations express interest in reducing the disparities in global economic status and assuming greater responsibility for helping less fortunate nations, this vicious cycle will go on indefinitely.

Due to the immense poverty, unrest, malnutrition, disease, unemployment, lack of education, and both inept and corrupt administrations, the majority of African nations experience subhuman living situations. If the afflicted population had free medications to treat the illness, had access to healthcare providers, and received knowledge on how to stop the disease's spread, the disastrous effects of the AIDS pandemic in such nations may be lessened. However, this is only possible through international aid programmes, through which the leaders of the world's wealthiest nations send doctors and nurses to treat and educate those in need, as well as provide drugs.

Furthermore, the bulk of developing nations depend on selling industrialised commodities to wealthier countries in return for agricultural products and raw resources, which results in a substantial financial deficit. In order to try to mend their damaged economies, they thus borrow a substantial quantity of money from the World Bank, but periodically the money suddenly evaporates with no obvious changes, and they are unable to even make the interest payments to the bank. Eight of the world's wealthiest leaders (the G8) met last year and decided to forgive the debt of the world's poorest nations. Furthermore, they devised workable loan programmes to aid developing countries.

In conclusion, leaders of the industrialised nations play a significant role in assisting emerging nations solve critical concerns including business, health, and education. Their help is crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty and death that has gripped the world's poorest countries.

Author – Beisengaliyeva Yerkezhan



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